Our guaranteed and impeccable extermination service of harmful insects such spiders, ants, bees , etc., will serve you well at an unbeatable price. Moreover, our product is 100% natural and biodegradable, so no compromises!


As many know, spiders spin webs in order to trap prey to eat. They also produce the son of silk ease their movement by engaging everywhere. There is also another reason a little less known: to protect their eggs by building a cocoon around. The following spring, the young spiders are ready to build their own son silk. For the treatment to be as effective as possible, we usually proceed with two treatments per year, in May and July.


In Quebec there are about 104 different species of ants, but only 26 of them are a nuisance to humans. Although they rarely attack us, they make considerable damage to homes or buildings which invade in order to feed or build nests. In addition, they can degrade the appearance of your lawn, your flower beds or your garden by bringing to the surface the cuttings from their underground tunnels. They can even destroy the polymeric sand on your pavers going up all the sand to the surface. After hellos the weeds! The intense activity of ants may even attack the root system of plants and trees making them weaker, so conducive to catch different diseases. They are able to pierce different materials as natural and synthetic (wood, rubber, fabric, foam, etc.) and damage the lining of the electric wires.


You may have noticed an unusual increase of traffic of bees, wasps, bumblebees, hornets or gadfly around your home. This usually indicates the presence of a nest. Sometimes it is easy to spot but it may well be that you did not succeed to locate . It can all be under the soffit, in the corner of a window, under a balcony, in a hedge and even on the floor! If you can’t locate it, it is probably inside the wall of your home. If nothing is done, it can be dangerous to get stung for you, your children or even your pets. In addition, many people are allergic to stings and do not even know! That is why we recommend you do business with professionals like Lavage Prestige which is to eradicate the problem.