Your pavers are filled with weeds and dirt has impregnated over the years? Why pay more to remove it and put some new? We offer a refurbishment of your pavers for less! We begin by washing thoroughly to remove any accumulated dirt and completely empty all joints to remove worn over time polymeric sand. This step is crucial to prevent the regrowth of weeds. Then we apply the new polymeric sand in all joints ensuring that there is sufficient depth to ensure stability and durability. Once the joints are filled, it remains only to gently irrigate the pavers to harden the sand. Many people overlook the sealant application but it has many advantages:

  • Greatly facilitates cleaning
  • Protects the surface against oil stains, rust slides, de-icing salt and UV
  • Prevents premature blackening due to trees, plants, borders and tire tracks
  • Brings out the colors which gives a new look to your pavers

It is for all these reasons, we strongly recommend you this optional step. Remember that proper care will maintain your pavers in good condition way longer.