We offer a high pressure washing service both in the residential, commercial , industrial or institutional domain. Our highly qualified team will make your home or building sparkling clean.


Whether you live in a house, a condo, a cottage or even a caravan, pressure washing your home can make it look much younger at a very fair price. Here’s a little more details on what we can wash:

  • Gutters Exterior: Over the years the gutters eventually accumulate dirt. As some of you may have noticed, there is also often the appearance of unsightly black lines. These spots are often very difficult to wash, but the use of pressure washing combined with a special biodegradable product gives us spectacular results.
  • Siding: Vinyl, aluminum, wood, wood fiber ( canexel ), cement, asbestos cement, polyurethane, rubber, composite, clay brick, concrete brick, brick without mortar, natural stone, stucco aggregate, acrylic coatings, etc. … Whatever type of flooring you have, we can wash it!
  • Driveway, parking: Whether asphalt, concrete or pavers, pressure cleaning will dislodge any dirt that is steeped in years . Regarding the paver, it is unfortunately impossible to properly clean without removing the polymeric sand. By cons, if you are interested in refurbishing your keys, we also offer an application of polymer sand and sealing service. Regarding the oil in your grafted spots, all depends on the time elapsed since the appearance of the stain and the presence of a sealant. If the stain is very recent and there was a sealant, high pressure washing will do the trick but if the oil has had a chance to enter the flooring, we use an ultra powerful degreaser to remove persistent stains.
  • Patio, terrace, balcony, gallery: We wash any type of flooring such as cement, concrete, pavers, ceramics, etc… Do not worry about your patio furnitures, your plants or anything that is outside because our technicians always take the time to move everything to not damage anything.
  • Contour pool: Usually in concrete, the outline of your pool will always darken over time and there is even a greenish foam that may appear. For this, no need for soap or chemicals, only the pressure will make it like new! If your pool is open for the season, don’t worry, our technicians knows what to do to keep it clean by taking various precautions.

Commercial, industrial and institutional

Whether for commercial, industrial or institutional building, we can wash the entire exterior of the building and that, no matter what type of siding you have. In addition to the building, we can wash the sidewalks and parking spaces that eventually accumulate dirt, leaves and even gums that can often be difficult to remove. If washed by Lavage Prestige, they’ll come back like new!