It is important to periodically check the inside of the gutters to ensure their effectiveness throughout the year. Neighborhoods where the presence of trees and vegetation is important, we recommend to follow the state of gutters at least once a year. Moreover, in the poor leaves neighborhoods we recommend an inspection every two to three years. For those who wonder where is the importance of looking if it can not be any dead leaves in the gutters, there is often an accumulation of sand shingle from the roof. This sand when mixed with rain water quickly becomes too heavy to be borne by the gutter which can cause different problems. Here is our procedure to clean the inside of your gutters:

  1. We begin by manually remove as much debris as possible.
  2. We then rinse the gutters with water to empty them completely.
  3. We inject water under pressure in all runs to ensure they are not blocked in any way.
  4. We check all the nails and make sure they are nailed.

At your request, we can also check all joints to ensure there are no leaks in your gutters. If there are cracks, we redo the joints completely new. We also wash out! Over the years the gutters eventually accumulate dirt. As some of you may have noticed, there is also often the appearance of unsightly black lines. These spots are often very difficult to wash, but the use of pressure washing combined with a special biodegradable product gives us spectacular results!